Q: Can I order less than 1,000 custom-made coins, pins etc.? Can I order just one coin, pin,etc.?
A: You can order as few or as many coins as you want, but the cost per coin decreases significantly with larger orders.

Q: How do I place a custom order online?
A: Please click on the “request quote” button next to the item (pin, coin, medal etc.) that you are interested in. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out. If you have questions, give us a call, or email us and we will help you fill it out. We will usually get back to you immediately during business hours.

Q: Will Small Change design a coin for me?
A: Having a well designed coin will be the key to the coin’s beauty and popularity. You can send us a finished drawing of your design as a PDF or Adobe Illustrated (AI) file. We do not include design in our coin prices, which are much lower than our competitors. We also offer graphic design with our U.S.-based designer for an additional fee. The factory will adjust designs to fit the coin at no charge, and you will be able to approve the coin design before payment.

Q: After I place my order, how long does it take to fill a custom order?
A: You are ordering a quality product, and custom products do take time. Please allow four weeks, although sometimes we can do it in three.

Q: At what time of the day can you be reached by phone or email?
A: We are available M-F from 8 a.m-5 p.m. MST and will answer phone or email requests during
those times. When possible, we will also email at times outside of business hours.

Q: When do I pay for the order?
A: Payment is due at the time the order is placed.

Q: Can you send me a few samples for review?
A: We can ship you samples, but we must charge $15 for shipping and handling and to cover some of the sample costs. This cost will be deducted from your first custom order.